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  DSO Classic Musical Freestyle Intro


  DSO Walk Only Musical Freestyle (This can ridden Classic or Western)



The Dressage Show Online (DSO) Tests have been developed by Dressage Show Online and can only be used at our shows. If you wish to use them please e mail for permission.  admin@dressageshowonline.com 

Here are some things to bear in mind when videoing your test.

The music is to played live as you ride the test not added after the test has been ridden.  Any tests where the music has been edited in will not be accepted.  The suggested method is to place the sound system at C near the person videoing the test.  This will ensure that the judge can hear the music clearly. 

Rules Musical Freestyle:

Time: The DSO Freestyles maximum time limit is 5 minutes. There is no minimum time. Movements executed after the 5 minutes limit are not scored. One (1) point is deducted from the total for Artistic Impression for exceeding the time limit.

Under penalty of elimination at the discretion of the Judge at“C”, a rider must enter the arena within 30 seconds of the music starting. Music must cease at the final salute.

At the beginning and end of a Freestyle Test a halt with a salute is compulsory. Time begins when the horse moves forward after the competitor’s halt and ends with the final halt and salute.