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How does it all work

Below is a link that will take you step by step through entering a test.


To creatre an account email admin@dressageshowonline.com with the rider name.  Once your account is created you will be sent a Hold Harmless agreement.  Once you have signed it send it back to us and we will upload it for you.  Once we have a signed copy of the agreement you will be able to upload test videos.  If we do not have a signed agreement on file you will not be able to upload a test video.

You can either buy an entry to a Class and upload your test video at a different time or you can video your test and purchase your Class entry and upload the video straight away.

Once you video has been uploaded it will be checked.  If we encounter any problems we will e mail you straight away. 

Your test will then be Judged.  Your score and comments will be entered on the website.  Please allow five working days for the completed score sheet to be made available.  You will be e mailed once your score sheet is ready to be viewed.

The scoreboard is a live scoreboard so will be updated through the month as the tests are scored. 

At the end of the of the show when all the classes have closed we will produce a final scoreboard and your ribbons will be mailed to you.


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