Dressage Show Online

Rider & Horse League 2020 - 2021


Updated 09/24/2020.

Section:  Rider Horse Points
AA Kacey Moreland    Sip It Slow 18
AA Michele Lepire Robin Hood 12
AA Margueritie Gentry Never Better Magic 12
AA Jamie Lyle Mos Certainly Class 12
AA   Emily Beaudry   Wonder 12
AA Jayn Bobick Bayo  11
AA Heather Rhoades Sebastian 11
AA Jenna Williams Skipa Blue Moon 10
AA Mary Linton   RNR Dallas Cowgirl 6
AA Sarah Stranczek   Blare that Music 6
AA   Elizabeth Taranto Lena’s Summer Gold 4
AA Elizabeth Jensen Paloma SF+ 4
JNR Penelope Hafner Miss Tari Nic 6
Open JoAnn Wegenke Hesa Grand Slam 6
Open Kelly Alley   Parseghian 6
OPen Sarah Stranczek   Blare that Music 5
Open Elizabeth Jensen Paloma SF+ 6


Tie Breaker Information:

If there is a tie for a placing the following will be put into place.

ALL the scores that have gone towards the place and find the average.  The Rider & Horse with the highest average will be awarded that place and the other riders will be awarded the places below.

For example:

If 2 Riders & Horses as tied for 3rd place.  The average of Rider 1 scores from September to August are 65.4%, and the average for Rider 2 is 60%. Then Rider 1 will be awarded 3rd and Rider 2 will be awarded 4th.