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Rider & Horse League 2020

This award is based on the Rider & Horse League Board. Every time you are placed in one of our shows you are award points. 

The points are taken from September  2019 up to & including August 2020

The Champion Rider will receive a Champion Ribbon & Sash

Champion Show Ribbons to 6th place

Point are awarded as shown below:

1st Place    6 - Points

2nd Place   5 Points

3rd place    4 Points

4th Place    3 Points

5th Place    2 Points

6th Place    1  Point

Rider & Horse League 2020 - Updated 01/31/2020

Rider Horse Points
Kaitlyn Keegan Intimidating LJSR Jim 48
Julie Moorecroft Shimmer N Hollywood 46
Christyna Wydenes Beaufire 30
Rebecca Bawn Too Lovely Catalyst 22
Elizabeth Larson Nola 18
Nikki Joseph Miss Multipass 15
Autumn Wolf Windsor Forrest 12
Sydney Smith Dakota 12
Teresa Runions Sundown 12
Quinn Wagner My Quest 12
Stephanie Hackett Sedona 12
Stephanie Hackett Any Cowboys Dream 12
Angela Serpico False ID 10
Margaret  Zachery Silver Pocket Change 6
Lorie Wolf Windsor Forrest 6
Jennifer Lang Radical 6
Emily Nolan Indigo East 6
Elaina Schmersey Mir-A-Cole 6
Brook Grove  Zwartz Eisberg 6
Rebecca Bawn Lovely Little Star 6
Kari Wegenke KA Psychic 6
Maribeth Brown Sonjia II 6
Thomas Adams Reno 911 6
Therasa Pappas Pierce Ursel B 6
Avery Kelly Classy Version  6
Izabella Rabago Sedona 6
Josephine Trott HD Redford 6
Melanie Adams Pluto Matina 6
Jennifer Mikulski Conversano Melora II 6
Jennifer Mikulski Pluto Matina 6
Debbie Yates Fenway Filly 6

Tie Breaker Information:

If there is a tie for a placing the following will be put into place.

ALL the scores that have gone towards the place and find the average.  The Rider & Horse with the highest average will be awarded that place and the other riders will be awarded the places below.

For example:

If 2 Riders & Horses as tied for 3rd place.

The average of Rider 1 scores from September to August are 65.4%, and the average for Rider 2 is 60%. Then Rider 1 will be awarded 3rd and Rider 2 will be awarded 4th.