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     All classes are run under the general rules of the USEF unless otherwise specified.


USEF Dressage Rule Book 2022



JNR - Any rider under 18.

Adult Amateur - riders over 18 who fall within the USDF Adult Amateur guidelines.

Open - Any rider.

   Rules/Test Guidelines

  • All equipment, including whips, bits and spurs, must comply with USEF/USEF rules.
  • A simple snaffle bridle is required. A snaffle has only one rein attached to the bit. For LeadLine through to Second Level.
  • Martingales of any kind, side or running reins are not allowed.
  • Boot or bandages of any kind are not allowed.
  • Ear nets are permitted.
  • Fly masks are not allowed.
  • Bareback riding is not allowed.
  • Approved Protective headgear must be worn.
  • The appropriate footwear must be worn.
  • It is recommened gloves are worn.
  • Bridle or Saddle pad numbers are not allowed.
  • The test must be videoed from C, where the judge would be.
  • The test may be called. The caller is to be positioned at B or E.
  • Coaching during the test is not allowed.  If Coaching is heard on the audio the test will be eliminated. In these circumstances no refund will be offered.
  • A video of a test/ride from another competition that has already been judged will be eliminated. Any video which is suspected of having been filmed during another competition will not be accepted. In these circumstances no refund will be offered. The video must be uninterrupted with no editing.  Any tests that found to be edited will be eliminated from the competition:  The unedited version my be re submitted but no refunds will be given.
  • The sound for the test must be audible. Videos that are submitted with no sound will be rejected. There must be no music incorporated in to the video you must be able to hear the natural sounds of the test, ie wildlife, horse and rider.
  • Judges decisions are final. No communication or discussion will be entered into. 


    Western Dressage Association of America

Click the link for a copy of the WDAA/USEF Rules


WDAA Rules & Guidlines for Online Shows

  • Use arenas that are as near as possible to regulation size and be sure letters are set appropriately to be viewed by the judge. Cones with large letters on them and poles on the ground to delineate the corners are acceptable. For arena measurements please visit this link, https://westerndressageassociation.org/western-dressage-arena/
  • Videos of tests must be unedited from start to finish, including the equipment, attire, and bit check. They must be one continuous recording with the horse and rider visible at all times.
  • Videos must be filmed in LANDSCAPE orientation.
  • After entering the arena, prior to beginning the test, a sign must be held up showing the name of the show, date of the show, horse’s name, class # and test. Remove the sign just before beginning the ride. Please make sure that all information is clear and easy to read for the judge. The videographer can hold the sign then move back to behind the camera or hold the sign in front of the camera at arm’s length while also holding the camera.
  • Keep the horse in frame, paying close attention to the near corners. You may zoom in slightly on the far corners. Videos must be in focus.
  • Make sure to keep the letters in the frame that are elements of the test being performed.As soon as the test is finished, the camera must slowly circle the horse and rider showing all equipment and attire, including spurs and whip if used. If the videographer is unable or unwilling to enter the arena to do the filming, the rider may turn the horse slowly to allow complete filming of the equipment.
  • Following equipment check, the rider will dismount and show that two fingers can fit between the bosal or cavesson and the horse’s cheek, then drop the bit so it can be evaluated. NOTE:Hold the bridle so as not to obscure the curb strap or curb chain. Demonstrate that the curb strap or chain is flexible and is at least ½ inch wide. Make sure the judge can see all parts of the bridle, including bit and reins clearly.
  • The test must be videoed from C, where the judge would normally be seated.
  • The test may be called.
  • Coaching during the test is not allowed.
  • The natural background sound for the test must be audible. Tests with no sound at all will not be accepted.
  • Bridle or saddle pad numbers are not allowed.
  • Exceptional riders are exempt from the dropping the bit requirement in online shows.
  • Ridden tests may be submitted to ONLY ONE online show. A video of a test/ride from another competition that has already been judged must be eliminated. Any video suspected of having been filmed during another competition will not be scored.
  • All classes must be designated with a unique class number; no horse may be ridden more than once in any western dressage class with the same class number, including TOC classes.

Noncompliance with the above guidelines will cause the test to be eliminated.


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